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Get the Most Out of Being a Student

Find out where being a student will save you the most!.

College isn’t cheap. But you have a special power in your pocket that can help—your student ID card. Sure, everyone knows that one coffee shop near campus that offers 5% off, but they inflate prices and that guy playing guitar, ugh!

Apple and Amazon have well-known student discounts for products and services. If you don’t know about student night at your local movie theater, they probably have a student night and now you know.shocked student

There are a ton of companies that have pretty good student discounts, a lot of which aren’t advertised. Never be afraid to ask for a student discount—the worst they can do is say no. And there’s nothing wrong pinching every penny you can!

Here are some of the better discounts that you might not know about:

Honorable mention – Ikea, because you need furniture. Technically not a student discount because it’s open to everyone, the Ikea Family card has some perks. Food and furniture discounts are probably the most important. Or the free cup of coffee for every member to enjoy while shopping. Or studying—they have free Wi-Fi!

Never be afraid to ask if there is a student discount. Some places use them to help drum up business, some offer them because they know without a discount they’d lose a section of their customer base. And sometimes you might get lucky and an employee might hook you up just for asking.